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smart consumer app
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Hello Guys, today we give information about Smart Consumer App. Smart Consumer app Launched in 24th December,2016. Smart Consumer mobile app powered by GS1 India’s DataKart service. To date there have been more than 30,000 product GTINs processed with over 600 manufacturers and suppliers and 13 data recipients from retail industry. Smart Consumer app enables Indian Government to provide product information to consumers. It Protect to consumers from bad quality products. After this comes consumer feels reliable. Conumers can check the detail of product with the help of scanning barcode from smart consumer app. Today we discuss Smart Consumer app, its benefits,its objectives & uses


Features of Smart Consumer App:-

*Provide information:-
It provides information about product name, manufacturer details, month & year of manufacture, MRP Price, net content and consumer care details to submit complaints.

*Right To Consumers:-
Consumers can register complaints and they are visible to the Government and the manufacturer.

*As the app is promoted by the Govt., it has the potential to reach over a billion people. This is a huge incentive for manufacturers to implement GS1 barcodes and upload their data to DataKart.

Objectives :-

Help To Consumers:-
It helps to consumer to make a direct contact with manufacturers for any complaint
How To Protect:- 
It helps to provide safety needs to customers & also be aware to them information related to products and their manufacturers.
Provide both product attributes and consumer care information to consumers through their mobile phones


    • On the product there is a barcode with the help of barcode scanning a consumer easily get information related to product digitally
    • In the barcode its main emphasis on GS1 barcode which relates to product’s unique information that relate to quality, quantity and other measures of the product
    • As GS1 India’s DataKart service captures both company and product attribute information, populated directly by manufacturers, it could easily power the app developed by the Department.

How To use Smart Consumer App:-

1.)First of all, Download Smart consumer app from here:-

              For android uses

              For iphone users

2.)Install and open the App
3.)Scan any type of barcode and Check Details
More Information

    • The Smart Consumer mobile app, Government of India was launched last year, to enable consumers to digitally access product information on their smartphones and to connect consumers directly with brand owners.
    • Usage reports of the Smart Consumer mobile app show, over 12000 products have been scanned by consumers across India to view product details.
    • While consumers successfully viewed product details of brands that have uploaded their product information to DataKart, those that have not, are missing out on the opportunity to directly promote their products to consumers.

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