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3 Methods to Know Who Visit to Your Facebook Profile

Written by varunsukhija27

Hello Guys, today we come back with a  New and extra ordinary  trick. In this trick you know who visit your facebook profile. I have three methods to check whose people see your facebook profile. There are many methods on internet to check that which one see your  facebook profile. But some methods are not Working. So we give alternate Method to check this.

Facebook does not allow to check who visited your profile. That’s you will be need to use this method to checkout who has visited on your facebook profile

Method#1: Check Facebook Profile Visitors By Source Code

  1. Firstly Login Your Account in any Browser
  2. Now Right Click anywhere in page then you show view source Element
  3. Click on view source Element
  4. Now Find InitialchatFriendList with the help of find button or Use Ctrl+F to find this
  5. After that you will get many numeric digit
  6. Numeric digit shows  id’s who visit your facebook page
  7. After finding numeric id then open Url id of person
  8. Now you will automatically go to facebook profile that who visited on your profile

Method#2: Social Fans app for iphone

This method is only used by iphone users. So Check this method how to use..

  1. Firstly Download Social Fans Application From Apple Store
  2. Install and Open the app
  3. Now Start Tracking of Persons who visited on your facebook profile

Method#3: With the Help of Chrome Extension

This method is very simple and most of the people use this method. So use this method and install chrome extension and check who people view your profile

  1. Firstly Download facebook profile viewer extension from here
  2. After Installation Go To
  3. Then You find a new option on your facebook profile of visitors
  4. Click on visitors Tab
  5. Tha’s it.

Final verdicts:-

We have shared 3 methods to check who visit your facebook profile.If you face any problem then please comment below.

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